Mid-Pitching At New Factory


In order to get ourselves prepared for the final pitching, Demola arrange mid-pitching event at the New Factory for all the teams. This was the time when we had to impress the audience to show what we have been doing and showcase our results.

This was not an easy task since we had to merge all our work at a single place. We had to brainstorm on how to convey our message to the audience and to impress them. The mid pitching event was set to take place on 14th of April 2016. All of us scheduled a meeting to meet on the Monday 18th of April 2016. There we discuss our plan on how to prepare for our presentation, what things to pitch, what to include and what not to. Furthermore, we also decided upon the person who will be pitching in front of the audience.


The moment we all have been waiting for eventually arrived. Our team was scheduled to pitch in the batch 2 that started at 15:30. All of us were feeling anxious as we sat there and watched all the other teams pitching before us and receiving feedback. The most tensed person among all of us was our Project Manager Elisa as she was chosen to give the pitch. Finally the moment arrived and Elisa was present at the stage all set to make a pitch. She started off brilliantly with a story about a fisherman getting affected by a tsunami and relating it to the audience. Those 3 minutes of pitching were crucial but in the end everything went of smooth and we were given a positive and constructive feedback. This helped us reflect on our project and to further improve it for the final pitching event. In the end combination of teamwork, plenty of meetings and hard work paid off. Thanks to everyone who helped us directly and indirectly in achieving our goal and make Anna Community to this point.

Social Media Workshop

Following the next week on 30th March we had our Social media workshop with Tommi and his son Leevi. It was a regular meeting which was followed up by Leevi sharing his experience of social media. Leevi was promoting his website Game Development World Championship 2016 and further promoting it on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. He shared his experience of how to send Tweet’s make viral posts on the Facebook. It was good to have him on the team as it gave bird’s eye view of how to use social media for every member of the team. Now we can make effective use of it and promote our pages in better way.


We already started with creating Memes about Anna Project and sharing them on the website.



4 Tips For Using Social Media To Enhance Marketing


  1. Be original. Put your own point of view when you share posts or retweet. This way you add value to the content you are sharing.


  1. Use Humour. Including humour is an effective way of attracting attention of the audience.


  1. Use Video/Animation. Using animations such as gif and videos in your posts make it more attractive for the people as everyone likes to watch videos.


  1. Sending Right Messages to Right Platform. It is important to know what kind of content is viewed more on different social medias. Such as on Twitter it is a good way to post pictures and gifs, on Facebook videos are more popular.