Ready… steady… LAUNCH!!

30th March was a historical day for Anna Community (and, as we can see in the future, for online charity as a whole!). The landing page for our web portal, Anna Community  went viral and we published our first tweet about the project. The landing page wasn’t designed in a day but it required cooperation and input from all of the team members, and the final version was a result of this brainstorming. But it is not set in stone: we are changing it as we go and all feedback is more than welcome!


A sneak peek of our landing page! Check it out on 

On the landing page we integrated our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and a possibility to subscribe to our newsletter. So far so good! Now, one of the biggest challenges for us will be community building – how to make people join our community and follow us on social media? We will need to focus on creating and posting interesting content on our social media channels and building a network.In our social media workshop we already gathered together some ideas of how to do this but we still need to find ways to get people’s attention. The word is spreading… but we want more! We want to be different from other online charity sites and we need to pin down the main factor that makes us unique. But more on this later..!

Our programming wizards Miikka and Sam are hard at work with the actual web portal while the rest of us will concentrate on gaining more visibility for our community and solving still some other issues concerning transparency, among other things.  The next blog post will be about one way to do this – pitching it in front of Demola audience! Stay tuned!


A rough version of our web portal. What do you think?


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