UI Workshop

On the 21st of March we held a User Interface workshop at TUT. All of our members combined our imaginations together so that we can come up with some interface for our web portal. Each member of our group started up with blank page and a color marker. The goal was to brainstorm different ideas and perspectives of having an interface. After 10 minutes of brainstorming the sheet was rotated to the next member. So that the next member can highlight the positive things in the previous member’s idea and add something to it to make it look more complete.

Anna User Interface

To our surprise this turned out to be a good thing as we call came to know each other’s view of the user interface and how each member of the team feels about the project. In the end we all brought our sheets together and picked out the good points from everyone effort and merge them together on the white board. This user interface is something the user will see after they login to the Anna web portal.


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