Some pitching, jamming, and value creating

During the first weeks of our Demola project  we have had great opportunities to develop our skills in value creating and also to learn some new tricks. Our team participated in the Value Creation Workshop organized in New Factory on 19th February and there we had a chance to practice our own innovation skills and pitching, which means presenting your idea in a catchy way in a very short time. We had 1 minute in our disposal. It was a first time for many of us in the team, including me (Ida). The situation was a bit unnerving but at least it taught us many important things about a good pitch. For example, I learnt that you should always make sure that everybody is hearing your voice! A good pitch needs to be clear and it must have something memorable in it, otherwise it won’t catch the hearer’s attention. Our project manager Elisa won a price for the best feedback of the day, reminding us about the importance of giving and receiving productive feedback.

Our team also participated in Demola Jam #1 on 27th February. “Jamming” meant workshops and group activities that helped us to dig into our project a little deeper and think about the true values of our product. This happened in a very relaxed way, though, lying on a couch with a pen in one hand and a coffee mug in the other. All in all, the event was a good way for us to get some new perspectives to our project and chat a little with other groups and see how they were doing.

Last week we finished our Playbook (a document putting together all that needs to be considered for Anna Project) and had a meeting with our facilitator, project partner, and responsible teachers. In the meeting we discussed all the things we still have to take into consideration and evaluated the best methods to proceed in our project. Our facilitator Joonas advised us to keep creating prototypes and just putting different ideas on a paper because that would make it much easier to find the best solution. With our project partner Tommi we discussed the black boxes that our project has and we tried to make clearer the future procedures. The meeting was a good way for our team to clarify the next steps in the project.


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